the woods of euticus

The woods of EUTICUS
Trees speak, leaves chant!
The insects perch, they are swallowed as these enchanted woods rebel, the normal cause cease.
The birds build their nests but the branches whirl to a gust as the zephyr passes!
This imprecation is contagious!
Once,a stray horse, a wood cutter, a tree feller, all died on the supposed day of perfection after they had shed the black dark blood of her cedar wood.
Teeth are set on edge!
Apples taste sour, her grapes cause gnashing, but serpents thrive in her!
She leads a perfect world in woods this cursed, woods banished from the sphere of mortals
A forbidden portal opens to these woods
Stray not, wish not, think not and speak not much of the woods of Euticus!
I therefore stop at this point to tell the tale for cursed become those who write or speak much of her
A tale that must not be told!
But if any crave more of her mystic twisted world, then the words that open unto her they must incantate in perfect successions,
Words contained in the black and dark art chronicles
Pages of death!
verse of curses, lines of doom!
The opening of Hades!
Oh mine; I spill much already.

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