oh africa! we cry…

Tears of our weary souls…
In dust and ashes we lay all day
The pangs of pain fuel our hurts we sing
For we’ve strived for decades
Hope deferred saddens our soul
A hell state here on our side of earth!
we mourn helplessly,relentlessly
Involuntarily, spontaneously as we reminisce
People of diverse morals,beliefs and culture
Unity deprived,love stripped
Like rainfall in july,our tears flow!
We must arise to stop our cries!
For right before our eyes the rules are breached
Rules of positivity,altruistic values
Virtues that lead to peace and harmony
Growth and mirth,grace and smiles
When we are one in voice and heart
When we live not exist!
Lets betray evil and injustice
Lets ruin the ruins caused by despots
Tyrants in uniforms,reprobates!
Hey,here is hope!
A hope we must hope even against
By a renewal of thoughts and mind
When each can rule and lead aright,
Love and follow he who stares from the waters
A man in the mirror
There is hope today!

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