peering into the dark caverns
Mouse holes and everywhere else
I see her go around in such a long veil and train
Alluring and enticing,her brows and lids,seductively beckoning!

She lurks around in open minds,simple thoughts and listening ears,latent and potent in victims,
underneath the supple purple people skin,
she wears and flaunts tattooed discolourations,mistakes,failures,devastations,evil!
she unveils,red hot fumes as a dragon,
Venomous with marred visage!
Burns herself and much more those who embrace her!

Her name is abominable,legion she says she is,doing a lot..
I made to enquire, who she really was;what she stood for?
With a quick twisting of tongue and hissing like that old serpent,She gave a wild squeaky laughter,
I smelt literally, the residue of afore burnt fools;slothful fellows,taken up through wiles of procrastination,
Lack of focus on visions
Vile ideas,infused into these weak minds,things that made them ultimately inconsequential to themselves and society!
Answering she said,”I am failure factor, unacheivement, laxity, slothfulness, corruption, bribery, hate, anger, beloved of the very old serpent!”


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