He is at work right now
Am not here to massage your emotions
Nor run words at your weaknesses or failures
Obstacles or shackles that have held your growth
I share with you thoughts and truths that I believe verse 1

He is at work for you right now

There were times when I could not sleep at night
The slightest croaks of frogs
Mews of cats and kittens
Aborted my sleep
My heart was heavy and dreams disturbed verse2

He is at work for you right now, even always

But while this storm raged, certainty made room for hope as the morning rolled in, the nights were gone
I remembered the words he spoke to me
Fear disappeared, pain ceased and grief ended verse3

He is at work for you right now
Doing your own, fixing it all for you and for me,
Your consistence is of Him, he’s at work in me and you (adlibbed chorus)

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