introspect at twilight

Tonight is another fairly breezy night out here in the west of Africa, it is an ancient
City of sub-urban settlement

The inspiration I get is through a western world inspirational piece by James blunt, contemporary but soulful.

It makes me detest the renaissance that comes with growing, getting older by the minutes, dreams getting older and colder with me…

But the tearful and lulling effect soothes my inner being, gives me a feeling that nothing could describe, prescribe or be ascribed.

It ascribes to my kind a tribe, a selected and uncollected few…

O I am short of words and thoughts now,
I remember just some minutes before twilight, I sat with a like mind, a female, one of the tribe; those with the torture of cravings to manifest, a thirst for more than just a conquest on a quest or than success on mere access to excess funds…

I sure need to assess my present, recent and descent…

This feeling is not mutual if you wear not a knowing smile as u read these words,
A feeling so particular yet spectacular to only a peculiar…
Oh yes, not the regular!
But let’s hang on to the definite hope that soonest it shall be o’er…
Fulfilled dreams or tortured till a peaceful demise!


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