give us a voice!

Give us a voice
For tears and pain fill our eyes and hearts
Our minds cry for want of expression and freedom!
There are unspoken sounds of grief because we die inwardly and daily!
How then can we have our own shadows, when our true images are distorted and marred!
Someone has to listen, but how does any listen without hearing
Lions roar, elephants trumpet, kings pray
But we have no voice, we have no say, we have no peace!
Our tongues taste our own tears; our teeth grind our own cries
All day long we mourn for this pain caused by the insanity of our society unto us
But who are we, one could ask?
Why speak they another may quiz?
We are those named sad and mad,
We are named dumb and blind
For we can speak and see,
We are children born diseased,
We are youths
We the poor and indigent by the negligent,
We are of complex identity!
But if we are heard, we might be known,
If we are allowed, we may speak
We are the sabotaged,
We are black,we are white
Our future they say we hold but how does any hold with fettered hands, hands fettered by acts of the evil mighty, incarnates of the beastly dragon, chain bound by the wickedness of despots, not withstanding in cuffs we hold this dream, this change, and this transformation!

Educate us!
Teach us!
Allow us!
Follow us for a while,
Please be mild on us, let mercy cleanse your guilt, give us a voice!


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